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Thank you in advance for choosing us for your trail ride!
Have Fun and build Great Memories!!


Call for more information: (818) 225-Ride

** (818) 225-7433 | Phone hours are from Monday thru Friday, usually 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, West Coast Pacific Standard Time. Weekends usually 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM – HOURS MAY VARY.

Our friendly staff will assist you with bookings as well as any other plans in the area, such as restaurant suggestions, fun things to do after your ride, etc.

If you call and get an answering machine message, it just means we are assisting another caller.

Please be patient as calls are returned in the order they are received. Usually we return calls quickly.

On high volume days, such as holidays and weekends, you might receive your returned call within a few hours.

Please leave your name and phone number, speak clearly and slowly to ensure we get the proper information.

We will call you back as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and promise you will receive the utmost attention when we assist you. Callers who leave a message with a desired time and date for riding will be given priority.

We offer group rides or PRIVATE rides. We ride on the highest possible viewpoint while horseback riding in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Malibu. The views are amazing!  You may choose a one-hour, one-and-a-half hours, or two-hour rides.

Here are some guidelines that will help expedite your booking:

  • Have a time and date (or perhaps a couple of date choices) in mind.
  • Have your credit or debit card handy. NOTE: Reservations allow us to provide you with rested, clean, happy horses!  This appointment system also ensures that our very loved horses get the proper work rotation. We will soon provide online bookings, FOR NOW bookings are made over the phone, and we are happy to be of service! Upon arrival the day of the ride, you will be required to present ID and the credit card used to pay for the reservation over the phone.
  • We match horses and riders based on experience, age, and height and weight. FOR YOUR SAFETY, please give us the most accurate description of your riding ability as well as your personal information stated above. Our reservation information is extremely secure and private.
  • Cameras are allowed on specific ranch areas and trails with staff supervision and assistance. FOR YOUR SAFETY, while mounted on horses, the staff will assist you with photos – no cell-phone use while riding. For our privacy and security, we ask that the photos you take relate only to your riding experience. There are excluded areas of the property clearly marked as permitted or none permitted camera areas. Thanks for understanding.
  • The sport of horseback riding, the activity horseback riding, or being near horses has an inherent risk of injury.


Once we reserve a horse or horses for you (and your companion(s) ), the horses become unavailable to other guests. This is the reason for our NON-REFUNDABLE RESERVATIONS POLICY. Please inform your guest of this policy. Once you book, if the need to reschedule arises, you will have credit for future use for the amount paid to us, for up to 1-year from the time of booking, MINUS a small reschedule fee amount.

For SAME DAY cancellations or rescheduling, you will forfeit 50% percent of the amount paid to us, since we may not be able to fill your spot. This amount is determined by the type of reservation and number of riders. You will be informed the amount at the time of the booking.Late arrivals are considered reschedules.

Our staff is well known for a superior level of care for customers with a friendly disposition. Gratuities are appreciated!

Happy, happy trails, and thanks for riding with us!

-The Staff

Los Angeles Horseback Riding

Always at your service,

(818) 225-Ride

** (818) 225-7433 | Phone hours are from Monday thru Friday, usually 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, West Coast Pacific Standard Time. Weekends usually 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM – HOURS MAY VARY.

*Horseback Riding activities and being around horses has an inherent risk of injury